Feeds & nutrition 2024

For whom?

This course is essential for nutritionists, purchasing managers, and anyone else involved in the feed or allied industry. It provides comprehensive coverage of the theoretical and practical aspects of feed formulation and production for various species. The training sessions are conducted in English.

Learning objective

To inform participants about theoretical and practical aspects of feed formulation for different species.

Course design and set up

You have the flexibility to create your own personalized program by choosing from a selection of thirteen diverse modules. Our program is designed to cater to individuals with varying backgrounds and knowledge levels, offering modules that delve into the principles of nutrition, nutrient evaluation topics, applied nutrition, and feed formulation.


SFR offers you an in-depth overview of the latest scientific developments in animal nutrition and animal health. More importantly, we will share insights on applying fundamental science in your daily work. Hence, the Feeds & Nutrition course will help you focus and save time in your day-to-day job throughout the year.

The Feeds & Nutrition will take place from the 3th until the 7th June, 2024. All modules are one or two days (9:00 – 16:00 CEST), thereafter is an informal networking moment.

Click the modules below for more specific information:

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