Newly developed module in the Feeds & Nutrition

Recent Developments in Animal Nutrition

This is a newly developed module in the Feeds & Nutrition program. In this module we will present the newest recent developments in animal nutrition/this market. Therefore, this module will be updated every year on the most important topics we think will influence your work the upcoming year(s).

This module is also ideal to follow if you have attended a previous edition of Feeds & Nutrition. Thus, even if you have followed (part of) the Feeds & Nutrition course in earlier years this module allows you to be quickly updated on upcoming trends every year.

This year the selected topics are:

Developments in the application of sustainability parameters in animal feed production
As sustainability has become an integral part of animal feed production it is important to understand how sustainability is defined. At the moment there is not yet consensus about its definition, making it hard to target. During this topic our experts will give you tools to deal with this and explain the different environmental impact parameters involved. EU regulations, greenhouse gas emission calculations and the GFLI (Global Feed LCA Institute) database will be explained.

Mineral balance: measuring, calculating, and applying
Minerals nutrients are very important for their buffering capacity in the stomach and rumen of animals. However, their implementation in diet formulation is not as straight forward as one might think. These minerals ( Na, K, Cl, S, Ca, P, Mg) are capable of forming complex structures in animals, making them less available to the animal and consequently also degrading the nutritional value of the carefully formulated feed. The effects of these nutrients on animal health, welfare and production will be discussed and the latest developments in technologies to measure mineral balance and pH-value in rumen and stomach will be explained.

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