Controlling coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is a major health problem in poultry, caused by infections with a very contagious intestinal parasite (Eimeria species). Coccidiosis causes disease in broilers, affecting the welfare of the chickens. In addition, infection results in reduced production performance (higher feed conversion ratio and lower growth rate). This reduces the economic result of the farm and increases the environmental impact of broiler production. Since spread of Eimeria cannot be prevented, it is of utmost importance to control the infections, and to reduce the impact on welfare and performance.

As presented by Dr. Regiane Santos during the recent Poultry Seminar (13 October 2022), SFR is participating in a project with the aim to improve resilience of broilers by controlling the harmful effects of coccidiosis by management and feed interventions. Dr. Santos presented the results of the first trial performed within the coccidiosis project. Several different feed strategies, feed additives and feedstuffs have been tested in broilers infected with different Eimeria species. Currently, the final trial within this project is running at SFR.

This research is performed within the public-private partnership project ‘To Control Coccidiosis’ (TKI-AF-18022). Research partners are Wageningen Livestock Research, Schothorst Feed Research, Utrecht University, and Aeres University of Applied Sciences. The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality (The Netherlands), ForFarmers Nederland B.V., Coppens Diervoeding B.V., ABZ Diervoeding B.V., De Hoop Mengvoeders B.V., E.J. Bos Diervoeding B.V., Vitelia Voeders B.V., Biomin, Orffa Additives B.V. and Delacon Biotechnik GmbH.

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