The SFR Family

Whether you work full-time at the office, partially at home, travel a lot: our office in Lelystad plays a central role. Although this role naturally changes over the years, our head office is the backbone of the SFR Family. For years it has been standard to work full-time in the office, but the role of the office has slowly changed into a place where you meet, where you find inspiration and where the connection is with colleagues.


By taking a break at 10 a.m. and getting together with the whole company for a cup of coffee, conversations cross departments and you gain new insight. During breaks we play a game of volleyball, there is a walk, there are card games or you can play a game of table soccer. We have a cozy canteen, where our canteen ladies are ready for you every day with freshly brewed coffee and tea. At lunch every day you can order a tasty soup, grilled sandwich or eggs from our own stables. So you can get back to work fresh afterwards!

Within SFR we have quite a few “veterans”. A 40-year anniversary is not unusual for us! We attach great importance to the personal development of our employees, so that your work remains challenging and you enjoy yourself! For this we have a large training budget available, would you like to do a training outside your own work field? That is possible with your Sustainable Employability Budget, this is an annual balance that you can use as you wish, for example extra days off, a training course or have part of it paid out at the end of the year.

SFR is a versatile company, consisting of the departments: Staff, S&C, R&D, ICT, the Laboratory and of course the Farms. As a result, we have many diverse positions. Whether you have a PHD or no education everyone is part of our team.  Would you like to work in animal husbandry? But are you looking for that extra bit of challenge of conducting research? Or do you prefer to work very precisely and precisely at our lab? Because of the different departments and functions, we can proudly say that we have a very versatile and diverse team! There are as many as 6 different nationalities working within SFR, we have a 50/50 male to female ratio and colleagues from their early 20s to retirement age!

We hope we have been able to give you an idea of working at SFR, would you like to join us? Then don’t hesitate and apply for one of the vacancies, is your dream job not among them? Then send an open application, perhaps we can tailor-make a position for you.

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