The Tech2Table is a fully private project led by SFR in collaboration with knowledgeable partners such as Feed Design Lab and Zetadec, and academia – WUR. The project comprises 22 partners from the feed industry inside and outside Europe.

It is focused on quantifying the effects of feed processing on the nutritional value of protein-, starch-, and fibre-rich ingredients commonly used in swine and poultry diets.

The nutritional value of ten selected ingredients processed under different (grinding, conditioning, expanding, and pelleting ) conditions, will be performed using in-vitro methods and will be validated via in-vivo trials.
The ultimate goal of the Tech2Table is to provide processing values from the selected ingredients, to be implemented in the feed table and be used in feed formulation. These values can be later extrapolated to other ingredients of similar characteristics to generate a complete data set and contribute to a more accurate formulation of diets produced under different processing conditions.

Partner in Uitgekookt

Tech2Table is one of the partners of the PPS Uitgekookt which focuses on developing models to describe the effects of processing treatments on physicochemical and digestive properties of feed and feed ingredients. This PPS is lead by WUR but I do not see a link for it. If there is one, we could mention it and indicate that we are partners as T2T.

Start project: 01/11/2021
End of project:


ABZ Diervoeding



Arvesta B.V.


Coren SCG

De Heus

De Samenwerking

Feed Design Lab



Garant Qualitätsfutter




Ottevanger Milling Engineers

RCL Foods

Schothorst Feed Research



Vall Companys

Van Aarsen


Voergroep Zuid

Wageningen Universiteit & Research


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