We implement the nutritional knowledge that is developed at our company with our customers in order to create new innovative feed concepts together. Our knowledge is shared with SFR clients in various ways. The need for knowledge differs per target group, so we have divided services into 4 main groups.

In addition to our main pillars, we consider innovation to be very important. Every year SFR makes a budget available for innovative research.


  • Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment
    • methane emission
    • Nitrogen and Fosphorus retention
  • Organoids
  • Dynamic feed evaluation and formulation
    • Digestibility kinetics of starch and protein
    • Gas fermentation
  • Automatic animal and farmdata collection / Artificial Intelligence


Are you in animal production and want to contribute to a more sustainable world, healthy animals and optimal production worldwide, then join us. At SFR we have a lot of knowledge, technology, facilities and ideas that will help to innovate the feed industry. Do you see opportunities for cooperation? Then contact us today, we would be happy to review the possibilities with you.

SFR has close collaborations with: Topigs, Participation in 2 EU projects, the NWO project, the RAAK project and three national (PPP) projects.