Educational Services

Motivated employees are an important condition to success for any organisation

For any organization, motivated employees are an important prerequisite for success. Employees working in the animal feed industry can be expected to have the latest knowledge about animal feed. SFR offers you a helping hand with its range of courses, training and educational programs.

Our training courses have a high practical applicability, because SFR is the link between scientific knowledge and practice. SFR’s training courses are tailored to different target groups in the livestock sector, including compound feed consultants, veterinarians, nutritionists, quality managers and buyers. The training courses can be delivered at SFR in Lelystad but of course also at other locations or online.

SFR Video Knowledge Base

Deepen your knowledge of nutrition with our extensive collection of educational videos. Specifically designed for professionals in the food industry, researchers, and students, these videos offer insights and expertise on a wide range of topics, ranging from nutritional analysis to feed formulation and health promotion. Each video topic is covered by our expert speakers. Sign up today to access this valuable source of knowledge and enhance your professional development in the world of animal nutrition.

Webinar: Relation between Pelleting proces & Nutrition of pig feed

Date and time Date: 21 March 2024 Time: 9:00-12:15 (CEST) Agenda Technological aspects of swine feed processing Overview from intake of raw materials to coating. Focus on technological aspects related to nutrition; impact from the proces of feed from piglet to sow. Eric Vissers, Procestechnologist Feed Design lab Understanding the pelleting processWhere and how do…

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Feeds & nutrition 2024

For whom? This course is essential for nutritionists, purchasing managers, and anyone else involved in the feed or allied industry. It provides comprehensive coverage of the theoretical and practical aspects of feed formulation and production for various species. The training sessions are conducted in English. Learning objective To inform participants about theoretical and practical aspects…

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Mycotoxins “From field to feed”

Discover the Masterclass on Mycotoxins: From Field to Feed – your ultimate guide to understanding mycotoxins, presented by experts from across the globe. With six insightful webinars and a 1.5-day gathering, explore into the world of mycotoxins affecting poultry, pigs, cattle, fish, horses, and household pets. From fundamental knowledge to the latest innovations and developments,…

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Why ES at SFR?

Why Choose Educational Services at Schothorst Feed Research? At Schothorst Feed Research, we understand the importance of continuous learning and professional development in the field of animal nutrition. That’s why we offer a range of comprehensive Educational Services that can benefit individuals and organizations alike. Here’s why you should consider choosing our Educational Services: 1.…

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Available courses

Since the beginning of 2022, we have renamed the SFR training & courses department: Educational Services. Educational Services is an important part of SFR is responsible for all training, courses, seminars, webinars, videos and, of course, Feeds & Nutrition.

The “ES activities” ensure the transfer of scientific knowledge and insights developed by SFR to our customers. In addition, the ES activities also have great promotional value. It helps position SFR as an independent research organization in animal nutrition and increases SFR’s visibility, which also helps us win new customers for AFP, FeedInsights and the Contract research.

  • Karin is the product manager and responsible for product development, account management and acquisition
  • Sharon is the operations manager; she handles all marketing and day-to-day organization
  • Barbara & Sharnelle help prepare, implement and support all ES activities

Together they are there for you and are happy to look with you to see which ES suits you best!