Project Fontanelle works on solutions that contribute to long-term effects on (intestinal) health by developing an integrated approach of in vitro, ex vivo and AI models to test the potential health benefits of specialized nutrition for infants and young piglets.

The collaboration partners are working with advanced integration of in vitro and ex vivo model platforms of the early life gastrointestinal tract that represent key pillars of gut health.

Those are:

  • intestinal physiology (incl. intestinal barrier function),
  • gut microbiome
  • immune response of gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT).

This project will therefore establish a (prototype of a) novel integrated early life specific in vitro, ex vivo and AI workflow to test and evaluate the potential health benefits of infant and piglet feeding and facilitate screening of solutions that contribute to long-lasting effects on gut health and overall well-being.

Start of project: 01/01/2023
End of project:



Mead Johnson Nutrition

Schothorst Feed Research B.V.

TNO (projectmanager)

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