FeedInsights is a flexible portfolio of services available to anyone who needs more knowledge of animal nutrition and the various relationships from food to, for example, raw materials, additives, but also animal health and welfare. FeedInsights consists of a basic package and can be expanded with other services as required.


Basic package

The FeedInsights basic package consists of the following components:

  • Eight consultancy hours which can be used for consultancy activities and participation in webinars, seminars or other training and SFR courses
  • Access to the Online Document Database containing current notes and circular letters
  • Invitations to seminars, courses and webinars.
  • Newsletters

This basic package can be expanded with the following services:

FeedInsights matrix

With the FeedInsights matrix you have access to nutrient values and raw materials to formulate feed compositions. The calculations in the FeedInsights matrix are based on the same principles as the matrix used by the feed producing companies to formulate and compose their feed.

The matrix is cloud-based and can be easily linked to any commercial formulation software. In this service, 8 extra consultancy hours are available for optimal implementation of the matrix.

Click here for more information about our FeedInsights Matrix

Least Cost Fomulation

In this service we optimize the feed compositions of a number of animal categories for you, based on the actual raw material price of that moment. The shadow price of a raw material is also calculated. The standard version is published 4 times a year.

It is also possible to compile your own report. You can choose the animal categories the feed composition should be optimised. It is also possible to include your own products in the optimization. The frequency of publication can be increased to once a month.

Click here for more information about Least Cost Formulation.

Educational Services

Are you looking for up-to-date knowledge about raw materials, nutrients or interactions between food and animal health and welfare? SFR is the link between scientific knowledge and practical application. We have various options to increase the knowledge of you and your employees. The possibilities vary from following webinars and seminars to multi-day training in Lelystad or at your location.

You can find more information on the Educational Services page.


With our DataScience service, we will work side by side to find connections and relationships in our database that can normally only be demonstrated with in-vivo research. The data in our database includes animal characteristics, feed materials and rations, and observations. This data has been collected during years of scientific research.

Click here for more information about DataScience.

Laboratory Analysis

The SFR laboratory analyzes raw materials, animal feed and animal products (manure, blood, rumen fluid, meat and eggs). Analyzes are performed for our own research or on behalf of third parties. The laboratory is certified for a number of analyzes in accordance with the GMP+ standard: GMP B10 laboratory testing. The research meets all national and European requirements. More information about our lab facilities can be found here.

Contract Research

The basis of our knowledge of animal nutrition has been formed by years of research in our own modern facilities. For feed additive suppliers, feed suppliers, pharmaceutical companies and the feed industry it is possible to use these facilities for confidential independent research.

On this page you can find more information about the different types of research.

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