Webinar "Relation between Pelleting proces & Nutrition of pig feed"

Webinar: Relation between Pelleting proces & Nutrition of pig feed

Date and time

Date: 21 March 2024

Time: 9:00-12:15 (CEST)


Technological aspects of swine feed processing
Overview from intake of raw materials to coating. Focus on technological aspects related to nutrition; impact from the proces of feed from piglet to sow.
Eric Vissers, Procestechnologist Feed Design lab

Eric Vissers (FDL)

Understanding the pelleting process
Where and how do water and heat interact with your feed mash to make the perfect pellet?
Menno Thomas, Researcher / Director Zetadec


How conditioning & pelleting of pig feed has an effect on the health and technical results of pigs.
From Processing to Nutrition.
Jan Fledderus, Product Manager Advanced Feed Package and Consultant Swine

Jan F


The costs for the seminar are €376 excluding VAT. AFP and Feed Insights customers of SFR can also pay with consultancy hours (2 hours).

This seminar topic appeals to both nutrition and process technology professionals. We encourage you to attend together and take advantage of this unique learning opportunity. Registering jointly means you’ll only receive one invoice.


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