Educational services ready for the new year

After a year full of seminars, webinars, courses and training, the Educational Services team is already ready for 2024.

The product manager of Educational Services, Karin van de Belt, is busy with plans for 2024.

The largest project of that year, Feeds & Nutrition 2024, is scheduled for June 3-7, 2024 in Zaandam. In just one week, this course provides a comprehensive overview of feed evaluation, nutritional needs, feed and raw material compositions, processing of raw materials, feed management and feed formulation for the production of feed for dairy cattle, poultry and pigs. In addition, a seminar on the 90th anniversary is planned for next year. The program for this is still being worked on.

Greater demand for customized training

But regular courses, such as basic principles of beef and pig nutrition or the more advanced courses for nutritionists, are also already planned.

What Karin notices is that there is an increasing demand for tailor-made courses. ‘We talk to a customer about the training needs in the organization and see how we can meet this need. Sometimes the need can be met with our basic courses or available video material from previous webinars or seminars, but sometimes it is also 1-on-1 processes in which one of our consultants guides a customer’s nutritionist on a specific issue, says Karin.

‘With our webinars we already meet a basic knowledge need. When we talk to customers, we indicate that so much more is possible. AFP and FI customers have access to a certain budget for consultancy hours every year. I then call on them to discuss the proper use of these consultancy hours with the consultant or Educational Services.’

More collaborations

Educational Services also works closely with partners. Consider, for example, Cow Signals, Groeikracht, ATCI, Feed Design Lab and Zetadec. ‘If customers would like a combination with a practical course, we outsource that to Cow Signals. They have all that knowledge and a network of livestock farmers where they can provide the training. That is a nice combination.’ All planned courses can be found at

New ones are continuously added.


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